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AfterThought is a student think-tank founded at the University of California, Santa Barbara in January 2019 by Timothy Motte and Mitchem Callahan. Our main goal is to help students and adults alike understand our world's most complex issues in a simple, concise and informative way. We produce podcasts, articles, videos and are always on the lookout for better content mediums. Our team is international, young, open-minded and hardworking. Please contact us for any requests, questions or suggestions! 



Our new video series, presented by our COO, Kyla Kelly. This series aims to analyze and explain some of the challenges countries around the world are facing. Find all of our other videos on this website, or directly on our Youtube channel.

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Our Team

Timothy Motte

Founder and President

Jui Paithane

Graphics and Animations Director

Zachary Ernest

Chief Editorial Officer

Mitchem Callahan

Co-Founder and Vice-President

Stephanie Galvan

Arts and Design Director

Mina Basmaci


Kyla Kelly

Project and Operations Officer

Martin Gilbert

Middle East Regular Contributor

Marwan Abdelhamid

Writer and host "Sunday Predictions"

Vincent Leroy

Newsletter/Article contributor 

Talal Arslan



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