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Meet The Team

Timothy Motte

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Founder and President

Born in England and raised in France, Timothy is a student majoring in international relations. He is a youth delegate for the World Bank Youth Summit, as well as a writer for Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). He will be intering at the Washington DC based Middle East Institute in Spring 2020. He is  seeking a masters degree from the Harvard Kennedy School in order to pursue a career in geopolitical consulting, diplomacy, or international development. Tim always seeks to find innovative ways of bringing change to the world through pragmatic, feasible, yet ambitious solutions. 

Mitchem Callahan

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Co-Founder and Vice-President

Mitchem was born and raised in Fresno, California. He came to UCSB for more like-minded intellectuals and opportunity on a 4-year scholarship.  He is studying abroad at Peking University and interning at the Yale Beijing Center during his sophomore year. He is currently learning Mandarin Chinese. He plans on studying abroad in Africa during his  4th year as well. After he gets his BA in Global Studies, he plans on getting a Masters degree from Georgetown Walsh School of Foreign Service or another top IR program to become a US ambassador. 

Marwan Abdelhamid

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Project and Operations Officer

Marwan is a sophomore at University of California, Santa Barbara currently majoring in Global Studies. He was born in Jerusalem and lived in Gaza before moving to Jordan in 2007. Of Palestinian and French origin, he speaks French, Arabic and English fluently. He recently interned at the UNDP’s Regional Bureau For Arab States in New York, where he gained valuable professional experience. He is currently working on a book that envisions a future where Israelis and Palestinians would coexist under a unified, secular state. 

Design and Marketing Team 

Jui Paithane

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Graphics and Animations Director

Jui is a rising sophomore at University of California, Santa Barbara. She is currently aiming to be a double major in Global Studies and Economics. She is extremely interested in communications and marketing on a global scale. Jui has a knack for organization, communication, and collecting and analyzing data, and is ready to use her skills and knowledge towards entrepreneurship and marketing.

Stephanie Galvan

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Arts and Design Director

Stephanie was born and partially raised in Salinas, California, her parents and family being immigrants from Mexico. Growing up she was taught to appreciate the things around her and the struggles people from low income countries face; based on the experiences and endeavors of her family. She is passionate about making connections and understanding people's perspectives on life based on where they grew up. She is currently a second year Global Studies and Art double major at the University of California Santa Barbara. She is also the first person in her immediate family to attend college. 

Finance and Advisory

Kyla Kelly

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Marketing Manager

Kyla is  currently double majoring in Economics and Global Studies as a second year student at UC Santa Barbara. She was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Jordan and Dubai. She was given the opportunity to travel and volunteer in many places around the world such as Thailand, Kenya and Europe. Growing up in several different countries lead her to gain a strong passion for learning about various cultures and global issues.  She obtained a couple internships abroad which have given her some hands on experience and knowledge of the marketing field which . In the future, Kyla hopes to work in international affairs and public relations.

Brenna McDuffee

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Social Media Manager

Kaleab Alemayehu

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Chief Treasurer

At an early age Kaleab was fortunate enough to be able to travel and develop a greater sense of the world. Born in Ethiopa, he's sought more opportunities to learn about and participate in global affairs. His work at AfterThought  helps him satisfy the need to be engaged with a global community. He manages the complex finances of the group, especially regarding project financing. After graduation, one of Kaleab's  main goals is to be able to travel around the world doing meaningful work that connects people. 

Talal Arslan

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Talal Arslan is a Senior at University of California Santa Barbara majoring in Political Science with particular focus on comparative governments. Talal was born in Aleppo, Syria before moving to Cairo, Egypt to spend his teenage years. Talal later moved to the US under asylum status for better stability and education. Finishing his undergraduate Talal plans to spend a year traveling and exploring different political structures before starting his Graduate Studies. He is hoping to continue his career by attending a graduate program pertaining to Middle Eastern Studies in Foreign Relations. Talal hopes to one day become a professor leading the next generation of scholars. 

Martin Gilbert

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Senior Advisor and International Network Director

Martin is currently a Masters student at the internationally renown "Institut Sciences Politique" in Paris, France. At the same time, he is pursuing a masters in international relations and national security studies at Saint Andrews University. Martin contributes to the geopolitical analysis AfterThought carries out, specializing in the Middle East. He is learning Arabic, and spent a month in full immersion in Amaan, Jordan. Martin will be working at the French embassy in London this following year.  He has expensive experience in the field of international relations, interning at the Middle East Institute in Washington DC, as well as the ROYA foundation, an Afghan non-profit  which provides humanitarian, educational assistance, health care, and medical aid globally

Zachary Ernest

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Chief Editorial Officer

At an early age, Zach was fortunate enough to be able to travel and develop a greater sense of the world. Since then he's sought more opportunities to learn about and participate in global affairs. His work at AfterThought  helps me satisfy the need to be engaged with a global community. Zach is the director of the AfterThought newsroom, coordinating consistent publications alongside a constant desire to produce new formats. After graduation, one of his main goals is to be able to travel around the world doing meaningful work that connects people.

Mina Basmaci

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Having been born on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, Mina has always been interested in the various kinds of identities we have and how we navigate them both personally and politically. She is currently a second-year at UCSB, double-majoring in Religious Studies and English in preparation for a future career in human rights law and diplomacy. At AfterThought Mina contributes articles on international law and legal theory, and writes for the bi-weekly newsletters as well.

Vincent Leroy

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Newsletter/Article contributor 

Vincent is a masters student at the "Institut de Sciences Politiques" in Paris, France. He is also currently learning Arabic, completing an immersion program in Amaan, Jordan. Vincent also studied at the University of Toronto in Canada, specializing in international relations. He is an active contributor to the AfterThought Group, through his articles and his involvment in the bi-weekly newsletter. 

Editorial Team